Value Seed Peanut Processing Plant At Tankara -Gujarat

Manufacturing Process

Dry Roasted and Blanched Peanuts are manufactured by state of art Roasting and Blanching Process Technology. Graded raw materials are purchased from local selective suppliers, again graded as per requirements. Graded raw peanuts roasted in a hot air roaster as per required level of roasting as Low, Medium and High as per requirement of market. After Roasting peanuts goes to blanching and colour sorting process, there all red skins are removed by rubbing and air classification and un-blanched peanuts or aflatoxin infected peanuts are removed by automatic colour sorting machine. During this process we can produce blanched both whole and split peanuts. After colour sorting again selecting infected and un-blanched peanuts are removed by manual hand picking to improve quality. After hand picking, roasted and blanched peanuts are packed in online vacuum packing machine in 25Kg Vacuum Bags for dispatch.

Pollution Control Analysis

Roasted Peanut plant is a completely mechanical processing not generating any effluents also by-products generated are used in feed industry as ingredients. We have pollution certificate from Gujrat Pollution control board.

Description of Roasting Machines

  • Capacity of the Roasting machine: 2T/hour
  • Temperature of the roasting machine: within 100 to 180 degree centigrade adjustable
  • Peanut moisture on the begining of roasting machine: 9-10%
  • Peanut moisture on the end of roasting machine: 2-4%
  • Blanching percentage of spliter: no lower than 98%

Our Location

  • Office : 312-Bharat Chambers, Baroda Street, Mumbai-400009
  • Factory Rajkot: Survey No-47/P, Near Reliance Petrol Pump, Rajkot-Morbi Road, Taluka-Tankara(Gujarat)
  • Factory Bhuj : Survey No. 564/1 at Bhuj, Tahsil - Bhuj, District – Kutch (Gujarat)
  • Phone: +91 22 23484423 Fax: +91 22 2348 4438
  • Email:
  • Email: