Take care of Nature, and Nature will take care of you!

We upheld and improved our standards for products (Roasted and Blanched Peanuts) health and nut rition, consistent with our values. We increased our commitment to ethical sourcing and no genetically modified organisms (Non-GMOs) in our products, where feasible, preserving product quality and value for the products our consumers enjoy while strengthening our own communities and in whole country.

Over 99.99% of our packaged products are Non-GMO verified through self- or third-party means, Non-GMO verified. We do not resort to chemical additives, sweeteners, colours, flavours and/or preservatives to achieve appealing product characteristics in our organic and natural products. We spend the required effort and funding to do so naturally as part of our ongoing efforts to improve human health, without compromising our high standards.

We recognize the critical importance of maintaining our strength and leadership in brands, innovation, and supply chain. Our valued employees shall inspired and consistent in their passion for our business and for the world, and as we plan our growth and expansion, we do so with the commitment to ensuring that , and will always be, a great place to work. The four key areas upon which we base our efforts to promote healthy families remain unchanged:

  • Healthier Products, Healthier Packaging, Healthier Environment and Healthier Communities. Together we will continue to make a difference in providing A Healthy Way ofLife.
  • We shall encourage consumers to read labels and to make informed purchase decisions about what’s best for their health.
  • Our Ideas shall inspire to our mission and grow into unique products and solutions to meet consumer needs.
  • Our Products shall available in all relevant channels of distribution. We are in homes throughout the world.
  • Our Health reflects our commitment to wholesome eating and healthy lifestyles.
  • From the beginning we took steps to source well and fairly, deliver innovation and value for our consumers, and to provide a good quality of work life for our employees and their families.
This winning formula is reflected in the four key pillars of our strategy:
  • Healthier Packaging: We continue to reduce our environmental impact by improving materials, sourcing and logistics to reduce road miles.
  • Healthier Environment: Non-GMOs, Organic, Clean Room Processing, Natural Products and Nutritional Ingredients help promote environmentally friendly practices including biodiversity and sustainability. We shall continue to evaluate best practices to reduce our overall global footprint.
  • Healthier Communities: We create healthier communities around the country by how we source, what we sell and how we give back. Our Company Community is a priority and critical to our future success.

We also shall a published policy on the use of genetically modified organisms (Non-GMOs) and on FSSAI standards in our products. Our policy goes beyond what is required by the FDA and National Organic Program (NOP) for organically-certified products, as well as what is required in many countries in which we market our products. Although this is not mandated in North America for products which are not organic, we recognize the importance of this issue to our stakeholders, and our policy states that our products will be made without GMOs when feasible.